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Anti-discrimination legislation and fighting for gender rights: recommendations to Kyrgyzstan following the UPR

Anti-Discrimination Centre “Memorial” and “Kyrgyz Indigo” LGBTIQ human rights organization welcome the recommendations on improving the situation of discriminated groups, which were given to Kyrgyzstan within the framework of the United Nations’ Universal Periodic Review (UPR). In the alternative report…read more

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UN CEDAW calls on Kyrgyz and Kazakh authorities to abolish discriminatory lists of professions prohibited for women

United Nations’ Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (UN CEDAW) adopted recommendations to Kazakhstan and formed a list of issues for the Kyrgyzstan authorities during the Committee’s 74th session and 76th pre-session. After analyzing the situation with gender…read more

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International Service for Human Rights: UN Treaty Bodies | Effective and coordinated response to reprisals is required

Experts and focal points from all UN treaty bodies have gathered for the first time in an attempt to identify and replicate good practices in preventing and responding to reprisals against individuals and groups who engage with the system. When…read more

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