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On One Hectare

In recent days, newsfeeds have been flooded with headline-grabbing reports from the village of Chemodanovka, the site of a conflict between “residents” and “gypsies,” as this event is portrayed in the media. An all-out brawl, whose details and causes are…read more

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Authorized Xenophobia

Migrant workers have always been a convenient instrument of manipulation. When society is in an uproar, particularly after a crime has been committed by a foreigner, officials take their cue from nationalists and assign collective responsibility to all migrants without…read more

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Ust-Abakan tragedy

Problems of Roma people are rarely reported on TV or in the press, and if they are being discussed, then, as a rule, the media often use negative stereotypes and myths that have little to do with real life. An…read more

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State mistrust

Starting 2018 various state prohibitions either came into effect or, on the contrary, were abolished in different countries. For example, according to a report by Alternative News of Turkmenistan website, this country have forbidden women to drive cars: “Traffic police…read more