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A new phase of the #CrossBorderChildhood campaign

On the International Day for Protection of Children, ADC Memorial reiterates the issue of migrant children and the necessity of new agreements on return of children between the countries of migration, based on cooperation between social, and not law enforcement, agencies. This is needed to ensure that return of children does not…read more

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On the Rights of Indigenous Peoples on Repatriation of ceremonial objects and human remains of indigenous people

Anti-Discrimination Center Memorial is a human rights organization, that focuses on combatting discrimination and protection of the rights of vulnerable minorities in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, including indigenous people. Myski local civic organisation“Revival of Kazas and the Shor people”…read more

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Easter in Roma settlements during the quarantine

Romale, take care of yourself, follow the quarantine! Happy Easter! Orthodox Easter, traditionally celebrated by the Roma communities in our region, is coming. During the coronavirus pandemic, a key concern is the health of the inhabitants of the compact settlements, often there are no conditions and possibilities to follow…read more