Bulletin № 77, 2023. ANTI-DISCRIMINATION

Content The Year of monitoring: the Situation of Minorities and Migrants The Discrimination and Persecution of Crimean Tatars in 2014-2022 Roma From Ukraine: A Year of War and Flight “Numerous serious violations of human rights in the Russian Federation”: UN...

Thematic Bulletin № 73, 2021. ANTI-DISCRIMINATION

So that Foreigners are Feared and Blamed for Everything Stefania Kulaeva ADC Memorial Statement to the 102nd session of the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination Russia: New ‘Foreign Agent’ Legislation Will Further Undermine Civil Liberties “Female Faces of...

Bulletin №72/2020. Rights of Migrants and Stateless People

To the International Migrants Day the issue topic is “Rights of migrants and stateless people” The Pandemic and Migrant Workers “The Chain has been Broken…” Stefania Kulaeva Russia’s Constitutional Court decision helps to protect stateless detainees as legal change approaches Stefania...