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The Fathers of Nations

Since the beginning of the full-scale military aggression of the Kremlin against Ukraine, more than once questions have been raised: what will happen after it ends? Will Russia fall apart, will new leaders be able to sprout on scorched political...

Verdict in the Nukus Case: Risks of a Kosovo Scenario

On Jan. 31, after more than two months of court hearings, the first instance court finally issued a verdict in the Karakalpakstan case, which has 22 defendants. Readers are reminded that this case concerns protests that took place in Nukus on...
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The Year of War: Reporting on the Situation of Minorities and Migrants

For the past year, ADC Memorial has been monitoring the many violations of the rights of people belonging to groups vulnerable to discrimination in war situations. The military aggression of Putin’s regime caused tremendous suffering to all inhabitants of Ukraine...

Influence of Putin’s aggression against Ukraine on Indigenous Peoples of Russia

“Dear colleagues, brothers and sisters, Tomorrow is the first anniversary of the bloody Russian aggression against Ukraine, unleashed by the imperial policy of dictator Putin. This war has already cost the Ukrainian nation tens of thousands of lives, including the...

Romani Voices From Hell: Discrimination, Epidemic, War

Since the start of Russian aggression and hostilities in Ukraine in 2014, ADC Memorial has regularly monitored the situation of the Roma minority in the conflict zone. In 2015, we published the human rights report “Roma and War”, which was...
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Video version of safety rules for children in a time of war
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October 30 – Political Prisoner’s Day
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We have left. Voices of Ukrainian children
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