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Life in Cells

Did you fall in a hole?/I did./Are you sitting in a hole?/I am./ Are you waiting for a ladder?/I am./Is the hole damp?/It is./ How’s your head?/Whole./So you’re alive?/I am./Well, off I go, then! Oleg Grigoryev Centers for the Temporary...
Международный криминальный суд

The Hague is Becoming a Real Possibility

In late 2020, Fatou Bensouda, Chief Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court, announced the conclusion of the preliminary examination in the situation in Ukraine; in Crimea, which was annexed by Russia; and in regions of Donbass that are not under...
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I Won’t Have Any Life Without This Land”: Violations of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Resulting from Coal Mining

The open-pit coal mining inflicts irreparable harm to the traditional territories of the Khakas, Shor, and Teleut peoples in Khakasia and Kemerovo Province which makes impossible the traditional relations with the environment and threatens identity, culture, and languages of the...

LGBTI+ in the region of Central Asia: repressions, discrimination, exclusion

Human rights report ADC Memorial with the participation: Кyrgyz Indigo, Human & Art, Kok.Team, Uzbekistan LGBTIQ IG «Equality», IG OAT Kurtuluş and with the support: IG Safe Space, Trans*Coalition in the Post-Soviet Space. ADC Memorial thanks Human Right defenders, activists,...

Statelessness in Russia and Ukraine: possible ways to overcome the problem

Human rights report by ADC Memorial and CF «The Right to Protection», Ukraine. Even though decades have passed since the fall of the Soviet Union, the problems of statelessness, whose roots reach way back into the past, have yet to...
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“Acceptance” video for #GenderEquality campaign
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