The attacks against independent journalists in Russia must stop

Moscow, Paris, Brussels, – On July 7, the Federal Security Service detained Ivan Safronov, a former well-known Kommersant and Vedomosti journalist, accusing him of high treason. Several other imminent journalists were judicially persecuted, physically assaulted, and otherwise harassed over the…read more

List of questions on the situation of women from vulnerable groups in Russia presented to UN CEDAW

Anti-Discrimination Centre “Memorial” and the Russian LGBT Network submitted information about victims of multiple discrimination and violations of women’s rights in the workplace and employment in the Russian Federation to the 78th pre-session of the United Nations’ Committee on the…read more

Statement of ADC Memorial in defense of freedom and democracy in Russia and Belarus

This summer in Russia and Belarus has been marked not just by the epidemic, but also by repressions against people advocating for a change in government. The leaders of both countries have flouted essential protective measures to reduce the number…read more

A new phase of the #CrossBorderChildhood campaign

On the International Day for Protection of Children, ADC Memorial reiterates the issue of migrant children and the necessity of new agreements on return of children between the countries of migration, based on cooperation between social, and not law enforcement, agencies. This is needed to ensure that return of children does not…read more

LGBTI+ in the region of Central Asia: repression, discrimination, exclusion

LGBTI+ people do not feel safe in any country of the Central Asia region. They are  regularly endure numerous violations of their rights, homophobia, and discrimination in all areas of life, including employment, education, family life, personal interactions, and commercial…read more