Anti-Discrimination Center Memorial

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ADC Memorial works under the premise that non-discrimination is the main condition for compliance with human rights principles.

The Anti-Discrimination Centre Memorial Brussels has traditionally focused on protecting the rights of minorities and vulnerable groups and opposing racism, sexism, homophobia and xenophobia in the former Soviet Union.

ADC Memorial defends the rights of victims of discrimination by proactively responding to human rights violations through advocacy, legal assistance, human rights education, research, and publications. The Bulletin of ADC Memorial has been published quarterly since 2003. ADC Memorial staff members also write regular op-eds and columns devoted to different issues of current relevance. These are featured on our website and social media accounts, as well as in the blogs section of Radio Liberty and other friendly web resources. This helps us establish a public space for discussion.

As part of its awareness-building work, ADC Memorial has published a series of books and secondary materials for teachers and human rights defenders working with children. This includes a collection by Dr. Berdyshev, a child psychologist who has worked with ADC Memorial for many years on matters of integrating migrant and Romani children into schools.

Other publications include special textbooks for learning the Romani alphabet, a workbook, a coloring book called Romani Fairy Tales, and V.V. Shapoval’s Guide to the Romani Language.

The book History and Culture of the Romani People by Olga Abramenko and Stefania Kulaeva can be used with children in classes at school and in workshops for children of all ages.

The Barons of Saporroni Tabor,” an essay by a Romani author about the history of his people, has attracted the interest of a wide range of readers.

We welcome every form of information sharing and cooperation, from visiting our website and joining us on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to requesting consultations and commenting on the issues raised in our publications.


Area of work

Migrant rights

Access to realization of human rights is limited for citizens of Eastern European and Central Asian countries who have been forced into labor migration. Individual countries fail to implement their international obligations in their migration strategies, and there is a discrepancy between their pronouncements about freedom of movement and employment and the restrictive approach that they take in reality.

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#CrossborderChildhood - Modern forms for regulating the return of children to their countries of origin must be created

Children are part of mass migration in Eurasia, but are not mentioned in the migration laws of individual countries as independent rightsholders. The main document regulating the movement of children in the region is still the outdated and repressive Chisinau Agreement on Cooperation of States-Members of the Commonwealth of Independent States on the Return of Minors to their State of Residence (2002).

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Stateless persons

Statelessness became a common phenomenon after the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Stateless persons are deemed to have violated migration rules and are sometimes illegally held in prison conditions in temporary detention centers for foreign nationals for months or sometimes years, even though they cannot be deported for the very reason that they are stateless

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Roma rights and racial discrimination

ADC Memorial documents instances of structural discrimination against Romani people in the region, protects the rights of Romani people in courts and through international advocacy, and publishes educational materials, including in the Romani language.

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Protection of the rights of women from vulnerable groups

ADC Memorial works to protect the rights of women from vulnerable groups (migrants, Romani women, and women from other ethnic minorities. As part of its international advocacy work, it has prepared alternative reports on gender discrimination in the region for the UN Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (UN CEDAW).

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The Campaign #alljobs4allwomen: protection of the labor rights of women

ADC Memorial has led the fight against legal bans on the labor of women in hundreds of professions, including prestigious and high-paying ones. The campaign #alljobs4allwomen, which was launched on March 8, 2017...

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Campaign #StopLGBTpersecution and protection of the rights of LGBTI people

ADC Memorial documents violation of the rights of LGBTI people in the region, publishes human rights reports on this problem, and communicates with international bodies about these violations.

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Indigenous peoples

Indigenous peoples living in the harsh climatic conditions of the North, Siberia and the Far East in Russia regularly come up against the predatory policies of mining and oil and gas companies, which are often supported by the local authorities.

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People with disabilities and HIV-positive persons.

Important cases include protecting the right to education of Andrey Sosnov, who is visually impaired, protecting the right to work of an HIV-positive steward, and protecting the right of HIV-positive foreign citizens to live legally in Russia with their families.

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