“Network” case

9th of November is the day against fascism, racism and anti-semitism – ADC Memorial dedicates this publication to the actual problem of solidarity with the anti-fascists facing repressions, arrests, torture. The video of the performance of solidarity tells in different...

ABC/primer of Romano language

This primer is called “Romano Alphabet”. For many people, it will be a discovery that one can write in the Romani language, and this delusion has its own explanations: for the most part, the Romani languages exists only in oral...

Barons of Tabar Saporroni

The author of this book, Oleg Petrovich (Murša le Ristasko ai la Lenako), comes from the Roma Сăldărari sub-group of Roma (sapronroni family). In his memoirs about his grandfather and father, who were barons of a Roma band, the reader...

History and Culture of the Romani people

The second edition of the “History and Culture of the Romani people” contains seven chapters devoted to the history of the Romani people, the development of the Romani language and culture, the presence of Romani people in world literature. In...

“Romane Tales” coloring book

As part of the project “Protecting the Rights of Roma Children in Russian Schools”, this coloring book “Romane Tales” was published in two dialects of the Romani language. This publication is a compilation of translations into the Romani languages (Russian-Roma...
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