New Ethics, Same Old Reality

The results of two different sociological studies on racism and the “national question” were published recently. One of the studies was a traditional survey conducted by the Levada Center, which has researched the level of xenophobia in the Russian Federation…read more


The Power of Equality

“Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya was the first woman to be elected president in Eastern Europe.” This is what I hope I will soon read on Wikipedia. But, more importantly, I would like to read that the “women’s protests” changed Belarusian society and…read more


Excessive Police Enthusiasm

Video recordings and footage of police violence have a powerful emotional impact and attract much more attention than the accounts of witnesses and victims. It has been noted repeatedly that video played a particularly important role in the story of…read more


“The Chain has been Broken…”

The coronavirus pandemic that has swept across the world and the accompanying quarantine measures have tested many forms of our existence. Staggering changes to the convenient “unity” of the global market, European transnationality, and the customary pace of exchanging goods,…read more