Excessive Police Enthusiasm

Video recordings and footage of police violence have a powerful emotional impact and attract much more attention than the accounts of witnesses and victims. It has been noted repeatedly that video played a particularly important role in the story of…read more


“The Chain has been Broken…”

The coronavirus pandemic that has swept across the world and the accompanying quarantine measures have tested many forms of our existence. Staggering changes to the convenient “unity” of the global market, European transnationality, and the customary pace of exchanging goods,…read more


Cultural Peculiarities

Last July, the International Labor Organization adopted the convention “Concerning the Elimination of Violence and Harassment in the World of Work.” Experts called this one of the major international events of the year in the sphere of work, since the…read more


A Siege of the Memory

In recent weeks, politicians have spoken about the military tragedies of the 20th century and recalled the Holocaust and the Siege of Leningrad. But these two catastrophes have much more in common than just a date: In both Nazi camps…read more


The Simplest Way to “Formalize”

The question of what protection a child needs is often the subject of heated debate. Society is divided into those who firmly support parents who know “what is best for the child” and those who almost always support government interference…read more