A round-table discussion with participation of experts, lawyers and civil activists organised by ADC Memorial

The participants of the round-table discussion discussed a wide range of issues: the problem of legal defense of the victims of Nazi violence, implementation of anti-extremist legislation and understanding “hate crimes”, the problem of homophobia and discrimination of the minorities. Moreover, the participants talked about the government repressions of civil activists, including administrative and criminal prosecutions.

The following people participated in the discussion:

lawyer Olga Tseitlina, who talked about the difficulties of defending the victims (cases of Nikolai Girenko, Timur Kacharava);

expert Dmitry Dubrovsky, who discussed the characteristics of a crime that qualified it as a hate crime;

lawyer Dmitry Barten’ev, who presented an analysis of the recently passed law in St. Petersburg, limiting the rights of the LGBT community;

activists of the LGBT movement Igor’ Kochetkov and Tatyana Vinnichenko;

sociologist Vladimir Kostyushev,

as well as human rights activists, civil activists and anti-fascists.

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