ADC Memorial holds a conference “School education of Romani children in Russia”

On November 4-5, 2011 ADC Memorial organises a conference for directors and teachers of the schools with a large number of Romani students. This conference continues a series of meetings initiated by ADC Memorial and supported by the international organisation Save the Children Sweden and CCFD foundation (France). These meetings are aimed at fighting against discrimination of Romani students, particularly their right to education. The problem is not only that Romani children do not usually finish schools but also the level of knowledge acquired at school does not meet the standards. A series of meetings uniting teachers and directors of schools from different Russian cities is to improve the quality of education of Romani children in Russia.

The participants of the conference had two purposes: on one hand, they were supposed to share the work experience, to tell about the successes and how they were reached. On the other hand, the participants of the conference will listen to the presentations of the experts invited by ADC Memorial.

This year the colleagues from Sweden working with Romani children in Romani will tell about their school. They will share their methodologies used at the school and projects aimed at improving the quality and effectiveness of the education of Romani children.

Psychologist and psychotherapist, lecturer at the Faculty of Psychology, St. Petersburg University, Ilya Berdyshev will talk about the problems of school crisis experienced by many children at school. His new book about school crisis and the rights of the child will be presented at the conference. Methodologist and expert in education, L. Poltavskaya, will talk about new state educational standards and problems teachers may face trying to observe them at schools or classes with Romani students.

Programme of the conference

November 4, Friday

12.00 Opening of the conference. Welcoming speech by the organisers.

12.15 Teaching Romani students in Sweden: Romani class in Stockholm. Angelina Dimiter-Taikon.

13.00 Coffee-break.

13.15 How to teach Romani students: methodologies. Kati Dimiter-Taikon.

14.00 Projects aimed at improving education of Romani students in Sweden. Alla Ericson.

14.30 Questions and discussion.

15.00 Lunch.

16.30 Lecture by psychologist I. Berdyshev and presentation of his book “School crisis and rights of the child”.

November 5, Saturday.

11.00 Presentations of schools-participants of the project “Protection of Roma children’s rights in schools of Russia”.

12.30 Coffee-break.

13.00 Educational standards. L. Poltavskaya.

14.30 Discussion and closing of the conference.

15.00 Lunch.