ADC Memorial stands up for arrested LGBT activists

ADC Memorial supports LGBT activists arrested at the demonstration on the May 1st.

Human rights organisaton Anti-discrimination centre Memorial helps victims of all kinds of discrimination, provides legal help to civil activists, especially to those who are persecuted and illegally arrested while realising their right to peaceful assemble. ADC Memorial expresses its concern of arrests of LGBT activists, NGO «Vyhod» (Coming-out) and other minorities’ rights defenders.

On May 1st, 2012, representatives of different political movements and civil initiatives took part in the agreed demonstration. There were radicals of all kinds. They processes along Nevsky prospect carrying their flags, transparents and shouting their slogans. But 17 peaceful demonstrators from “democratic column” were detained by law-enforcememnt agencies. The detainees did not violate public order or the rules of public event. They walked with flags with LGBT symbolics and posters against discrimination. The only reason to persecute these participants of the demonstration was their position to defend minorities’ rights.

ADC Memorial finds such a discriminatory attitude towards demonstration of opinion, right to freedom of speech and self-identity inadmissible.

We demand the release of all people arrested at the demonstration and recognition of their right to participate in peaceful civil events. We also demand to stop any discriminatory state activities towards minorities or their defenders.

Programme manager of ADC Memorial,

Stephania Kulaeva

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