Anti-immigrant campaign in Saint Petersburg

Massive anti-immigrant campaign is under way in Russia since August. Throughout the country mass media, human rights defenders and activists report detentions of hundreds and thousands of foreign citizens as part of special raids organized by Russian law enforcement agencies, which are accompanied by violations of human rights of foreigners. In accordance with the amendments to the Code on administrative violations, which were enacted on August 9, 2013, any violation of the rules for registration of migrants, the rules of stay in, entry to and departure from the Russian Federation (regardless of particular circumstances of a particular person), as well as work without proper documents are now subject to penalties of Rb 5,000-7,000 and compulsory deportation.

As people who have approached ADC “Memorial” reported, “people are detained in the streets, shops, places of work, markets and private residences. The main criteria for detention is their looks – “violators” are defined visually. Migrants were deprived of their documents, they only received protocols and resolutions concerning detention. Centre for detention of foreign citizens in Saint Petersburg was overcrowded, holding 1.5 times more people than its designed capacity. Detained persons were taken to isolation ward on Zakharyevskaya street and a detention centre of undefined status located at Kim prospect 5/34 in Saint Petersburg, where they were held in inappropriate conditions. Both detained people and witnesses reported overcrowded cells.

ADC “Memorial”  continues monitoring this situation.

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