Travel of a Roma boy from Mariupol

Marking International Roma Day in 2023, ADC Memorial publishes a documentary animation “Travel of a Roma boy from Mariupol” (”Chavoreskiro drom Mariupolestyr” in Romani) about a boy from a Roma family who had to flee from Mariupol.

Arthur tells about pain and losses he has survived, hardship and discrimination he faced in places of emigration, but also about his dreams and hopes. The boy says that he “lived and hopes to live” in Mariupol, that he is waiting for the end of the war and returning home, to be able to play music and do sports again; he considers it necessary to support his father volunteering in Ukraine; he wishes his mother to be healthy and strong.

The documentary animation is being released as part of the ADC “Memorial” campaign #CrossborderChildhoodUA with the support of Fondation de France.