Bulletin №41

Human rights publications 

Hatred of political actors to minorities is a serious reason for objections Stephania Kulaeva

International events

Discrimination of «visual minorities», roma, migrants and indigenous people: Russia’s report for the UN The recommendations of the UN Committee for eliminating racial discrimination based on the results of the Russia’s report Inessa Skhno

Roma rights

Roma settlements in Russia: the theory of state support and the practice of state discrimination Anna Udyarova

Teaching Roma children: Lithuania – Russia Ilya Berdyshev

Volunteer work with Roma children in Chudovo Yulia Fridrikh

The program of scholarships for Roma students

Maria Belova

Diana Konukhovich

Ekaterina Abalmaz

The project of Roma students in Tula Ekaterina Abalmaz, Vasilij Pitul


Migrants’ rights


Appeal against political speculations on the migration topic «Volunteers», «cossacks», «druzhiniks»: who and why helps FMS to «work with migrants»? Anna Udyarova

Human rights defenders appeal to the authorities of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Tajikistan Training-seminar in Dushanbe on the problem of migrants’ rights Sergei Mikheev

Field seminars for labour migrants in St.Petersburg Mairam Samikova, Ekaterina Nazarshoeva

Migrants on the border Mairam Samikova

Women and migration: double burden, double discrimination Ekaterina Nazarshoeva

Native culture to migrants masses Ilya Berdyshev

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