Bulletin No. 33, February-March 2010

The number topic is gender equality.


1.      Gender right equality

Fight against discrimination of women – “radical idea”?

Hard situation of female migrant workers

How to use maternity capital

Discrimination of Roma in employment

2.      Roma rights

Tambov justice

3.      Education:

Preschool classes in Kosaya Gora

4.      Human rights statements. Hammarberg’s statement

“Rights of stateless persons must be defended”

5.      Work migration

6.      Violence against migrant workers

7.      Racism, science, society and instincts

8.      Psychologist’s advice:

Speculative genetics in the service of racism and nationalism

9.      Fight against discrimination:

Disabled children: two approaches

10.  Legal consultation:

Advocacy of the rights people facing deportation in terms of recent decisions of the European Court of Human Rights


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