Children celebrate International Roma Day

On April, 7 a celebration devoted to International Roma day was organised in the White hall of the music theatre “Zazerkalye.” The Roma band “Krasnaya Roza” (Red Rose) of the Cultural centre in Leskolov and the group “Mundo capoeira” demonstrated their skills to the friends of the ADC Memorial.

The settlement youth surprised the audience with a wonderful dance performance based on the tale of Alexander Klein “How the Roma started to live in caravans.” Roma guys and girls together with their coaches from the group Mundo Capoeira performed several fight and dance combos. The culmination of the celebration was the circle organised by the capoeiristas: all gathered together and became the participants of dancing choir. We enjoyed the life, friendship and equality united by the art of Brazilian favelas, and old stereotypes were broken by the spirit of mutual respect and celebration brotherhood.

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