Court rules in favor of a labor migrant

On May 16, 2013 Nevsky district court of Saint Petersburg has ruled in favor of Mr. Lokh, a Ukrainian citizen, in a case against “Granit” company (formerly “Legenda”) concerning wage arrears. Mr. Lokh was employed as a security guard for a construction site operated by “Legenda” company, but this was done with numerous violations of labor legislation on the part of the employer. Mr. Lokh has not received any wages for the last 4 months of his work, which amounted to Rb 160,000 in wage arrears. ADC “Memorial” provided a lawyer for Mr.Lokh. As a result of court hearings, the rights of Mr.Lokh were reinstated: the court ruled that “Legenda” company, which by then changed its name to “Granit”, had to pay the claimant Rb 160,000 in wage arrears and an additional Rb 5,000 in compensation of moral damage. Besides that “Granit” company is obliged to make an entry in claimant’s labor book concerning his employment and dismissal from the company. 

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