Cultural events for children as a way to overcome segregation of school children coming from vulnerable groups

A photo exhibition on the life of a local Roma settlement opened in Leskolovo, Leningrad region. Volunteers and local Roma children made a total of over 20,000 photo shots and then chose the best ones for the exhibition. Local cultural centre in Leskolovo provided its premises for the exhibition. Earlier this year, on April 7, it also provided its premises for a concert devoted to International Romani Day. Organizers of the exhibition hope that cultural events such as these will help to break isolation of local Roma people from the rest of the community and will provide for greater friendship and tolerance in the area.

 Cultural events for children from migrant families and their parents

 In April and May this year ADC “Memorial” has organized a visit of more than 20 children and their parents to a theatrical show “Through the Looking Glass” (part of the Golden Arlecchino festival in Saint Petersburg. Children and their parents also visited Polish friendly society of Saint Petersburg, Unicum Museum, Saint Peter and Paul fortress, Catherine’s Park and Liceum in Pushkin (Leningrad region), gala concert of amateur art creations of national cultural associations of Saint Petersburg “Let’s Hold Our Hands Together”.

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