Excursion to Peterhof on the International Day for Protection of Children

On June 1, the International Day for Protection of Children, the staff and volunteers of ADC “Memorial” organized an excursion to the Peterhof, a museum and natural reserve near Saint Petersburg, for children coming from migrant families and their parents. Those who came for the excursion were newcomers to Saint Petersburg’s historical and cultural space and were given an opportunity to visit the marvelous parks of Peterhof and discover the history of this palace and park ensemble. Picturesque cascades and fountains, street musicians playing xylophones, the palaces of Marly and Monplaisir, water park jokes, picnic on the bank of the Finnish Gulf and local park sights gave the kids and their parents a lot of positive impressions. This trip was organized as part of the Program for social and cultural adaptation of children from migrant families in saint Petersburg.


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