Hearing in Tambov Court for the court claim defending the rights of Roma children to education

The preliminary court hearing for a suit defending the rights of Roma children in the Kalinin settlement of the Tambov region took place on October 25th at 11:15am. All 34 plaintiffs were present at the hearing, in addition to their lawyer, as well as representatives of the defendants, including governmental bodies and agencies (the district administration, the Office of Education and Science, schools). The judge determined several case facts important for consideration of the case, the evidence, as well as listened to the objections of the defendants. As a result, the court claim was accepted, with the next hearing being scheduled for November 23.

Previously, parents of Roma pupils appealed to ADC Memorial with complaints about the poor quality and lack of normal conditions of education at the “Gypsy school,” citing the negligence of local administration. In September, a lawsuit was prepared and filed for the recognition of discrimination based on national origin, and the violation of the rights of Roma children to education. In the lawsuit the parents appealed against the poor quality of education that their children receive in the village school, and the lack of real opportunities for their children to receive even a complete secondary education. The evidence provided included the children’s test results, transcripts of letters sent to the prosecutor asking for an end to the violations, and photos of the school building.

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