Holocaust Memorial Day

On April 7, 2013, the Holocaust Memorial Day, ADC “Memorial” took part in a discussion organized by the Jewish Сultural Сenter YESOD with the participation of the Israeli and Polish consulates in Saint-Petersburg. Discussions centered around the problem of historical memory. Excerpts from Mumin Shakurov’s documentary were shown – the film tells a story of several young women, who didn’t even know the word “Holocaust”, but were shocked to discover the scale and the tragic nature of the history of extermination of whole peoples, primarily Jewish, by the National-Socialists when they came to visit Auschwitz-Birkenau memorial museum.

One of the speakers, researcher and school history teacher Lev Lurie told the audience that young people nowadays often do not know about the terrible events of the XXth century, be it the history of Gulag, Auschwitz, genocide of Armenians or the Holocaust, but he stressed the importance of working to preserve historical memory.

Stefania Kulayeva of ADC “Memorial” spoke about the problem of Romani genocide, telling the audience the story of Nazi extermination of European Roma and Sinti in Auschwitz and other death camps. She called on the audience not to forget this still little-known page of history of the Holocaust.

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