Human rights seminar for Youth Dagestan Community in Saint Petersburg

Resistance to any form of discrimination, fascism or racism becomes more important after recent nationalist actions in a few Russian cities and surge of xenophobia.

On December 18, 2010 in the office of the Anti-Discrimination Centre Memorial a seminar on advocacy of human rights and opposition to xenophobia and discrimination was organised. The representatives of the Youth Dagestan community in Saint Petersburg, journalists of the Novaya Gazeta newspaper and workers of Memorial participated in the seminar.

The problems of discrimination of ethnic minorities in Russia, means of advocacy of their rights and the work experience of the ADC Memorial were discussed at the seminar. The participants also talked about important legal issues – resistance to extremism and peculiarities of the anti-extremist law, employment and advocacy of migrants’ rights, cooperation with the police. The great attention was paid to the problem of nationalism and xenophobia in the Russian society. The participants discussed the ways out of this situation. The representatives of the Dagestani youth talked about the most topical problems they face, about their understanding of the situation and underlined they were ready to cooperate with the human rights activists.

The participants of the seminar approved the statement of the ADC Memorial for the International Migrants Day, calling people of different cultures to oppose fascism, racism and nationalism.

The seminar was organized in the atmosphere of friendship and mutual understanding. The participants agreed on further cooperation with each other.

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