Human Rights Seminar

 Educational seminar on Human Rights for Roma students

January 25th 2010



Marina Nosova (lawyer of ADC MEMORIAL). Specificities of lawyers’ work in human rights organization.

Irina Gerasimova (lawyer of ADC MEMORIAL). The rights and freedoms in the Constitution of the Russian Federation and their protection.

Anton Petrov (lawyer of ADC MEMORIAL) and Andrey Yakimov (ethnographer and researcher АДЦ “Memorial”). Legal and social aspects of discrimination.




Stefania Kulaeva (programme coordinator of ADC MEMORIAL). The genocide of Roma people during World War II.

Ella Tereshchenko (project coordinator of ADC MEMORIAL). The introduction of the joint project “Paths of Remembrance” organized by ADC MEMORIAL and by the Foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and the Future.

Olga Abramenko (director of ADC MEMORIAL). Internet resources on Roma theme.

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