Lawyers of ADC “Memorial” help disabled person to continue education

Lawyers of ADC “Memorial” Inessa Sakhno and Sergey Mikheyev represented legal interests of Mr. Sosnoiv, a disabled person, in court in a case against discriminatory approach.

On December 22, 2014 judge N.Ikonnikova of the Nevsky district court of Saint Petersburg ruled that Bekhterev Institute’s refusal to enlist Mr.Sosnov into the internship studies was illegal and that he should get Rb30,000 in compensation of moral damage. Mr. Sosnov’s attorneys stated in court that the decision of the institute’s administration, which prevented a disabled person to continue his education as an intern based on harmful working conditions during on-the-job training and the absence of conditions, required for the work of a disabled person, was discriminatory. These grounds given by the administration, in essence, could not serve as a substantial basis for refusal to provide for implementation of a disabled person’s right to education and professional growth – the institute is obliged to establish necessary conditions for education to all those who wish and are capable of studying medicine there.

The court will provide full text of its ruling in this case after the New Year.