November 13: picket in memory of Timur Kacharava

On November 13, a picket in memory of the murdered anti-fascist Timur Kacharava took place near the store “Bukvoed” on the Vosstaniya Square. His friends and colleagues, those who still remember the tragedy that took place six years ago, came to pay their respects. About 150 people participated in this event.


At the picket, fliers were passed around:


At this place on November 13th, 2005, a student anti-fascist, Timur Kacharava, was killed. He was killed by a large group of neo-Nazis, who attacked the unarmed Timur and his friend. Today, six years later, a picket in memory of Timur is taking place for the 5th time – this day became not only a day of memory and mourning, but also a day of fighting against all displays of fascism, racism and discrimination. These problems are more crucial now than before.


This year, once again, several thousand “Russian marches” took place in various cities in Russia, where the participants were calling for violence against non-Russians, politicians and party leaders are once again building their pre-election campaigns on the popular xenophobia and chauvinistic slogans, the rights of minorities are once again violated and the number of victims of aggressive racism is increasing, but the people who are being investigated are not those who are promoting violence and pogroms, but those who are acting against them.


On November 4th, 2011 in Saratov, an anti-fascist was arrested for passing out fliers against the nationalistic ideas of “Russian marches.” The fliers were titled “I don’t want to hate.” The young man was interrogated for a long time, suspected of participating in acts of “extremism” – for rejecting hatred! In the meantime, the real extremists – radical nationalists – promoted hatred in the protection of the same police. Moreover, there have already been occurrences, when the accusations of “hate toward hatred,” or hatred towards “social group of nationalists” (read – fascists), became a part of criminal proceedings of anti-fascists. However, people have the right of moral protection against hatred, lies and violence! We can and we must hate misanthropic ideas! We openly call for this, after the remarkable writer and thinker of the mid 20th century, Arkady Belinkov:


“…if the illegibility of attaining means to achieve goals becomes a government concept, if the country is overflowing with chauvinism, if fanaticism, bigotry, hatred and self-righteousness are prospering, if the government is interfering with the private lives of people, if inhumanity, vengeance, investigation, retribution and execution are ruling the country, if one group of people are being instilled with arrogant confidence of being above other groups of people, then this is fascism, tyranny, despotism, and it is necessary to hate them with passion, selflessly, enthusiastically and not be distracted by anything else.”


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