Philipp Kostenko v. Russia: United Nations Human Rights Committee for the first time communicated the complaint about unlawful persecution of an activist

United Nations Human Rights Committee communicated the complaint about political persecution of a human rights activist Philipp Kostenko which was lodged by lawyers Olga Tseitlina and Sergey Golubok from ADC ‘Memorial’ after putting the activist under second administrative arrest in December 2011 (article about it on a website of ADC ‘Memorial’ Kostenko sentenced for 15 more days). Now Russian authorities have to express their views concerning admissibility and the point of this complaint (application 2141/2012).

22 December, 2011 the Justice of the Peace of trial site 153 in Saint-Petersburg, Ermolina, found Philipp Kostenko guilty of ‘disorderly conduct’ (part 1, article 20.1 of Administrative Code), who at that time was already serving sentence of 15 day arrest for participation in massive protest actions after parliamentary elections. Though accusation was falsified and groundless, Philipp Kostenko was sentenced to another 15 day administrative arrest. There was an appeal against the judgment to Petrogradsky district court of Saint-Petersburg, but the appeal was left unchanged, so the complaint to United Nations Human Rights Committee was prepared. Analogous complaint about first 15 day arrest was lodged and communicated to United Nations Human Rights Committee (https://adcmemorial.org/en/news/complaint-on-kostenko-s-illegal-arrest-sent-to-echr/).


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