ADC «Memorial» publishes a quarterly bulletin which contains a variety of materials: news on all the important events in the organization, the developments of projects and expert articles and materials regarding human rights. There are regular columns such as « Psychological Advice » and «Legal Consultation». Video materials, collected in the course of rights-monitoring activities are edited and distributed. In 2006 the film «The Roma Village’s Right to Life» was produced. In 2007, «Magyar-Roma on the outskirts of Saint-Petersburg» was published. ADC «Memorial» develops cultural-educational initiatives concerning the Roma. In 2002 Olga Abramenko and S. Kulaeva’s book «History and Culture of the Roma» appeared and the audio disk «Roma against drugs» was published.

In 2007 a supplement to our bulletin was published: a book of the independent Roma writer O.Petrovich called «Barons of the Saporroni Tabor» The «Antifascist Motive» magazine has been published since 2001. Information about ADC «Memorial’s» activities and an electronic version of all publications can be found on our website: www.memorial.spb.ru

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