Refusal on procession appealed

The organisers of the anti-fascist procession on January 19th appealed against the decision of the authotities not to allow to hold the event. An appeal on illegal activities of the Committee of legality, security and legal order which violated the right guaranteed by the Constutution to hold a procession was sent to the Smolny district court on January 12th.

The organisers pointed out to impossibility to fulfill the law requirements and apply for a procession between January 4th and January 9th as these days are days off. But the day of January 19 is the day when Stanislav Markelov and Anastasia Baburova were killed, and holding a procession on other day contradicts the aim of the event.

The organisers made all possible activites to get agreement on a procession but due to contradictions of the law the authorities had a formal basis not to allow a procession, without considering the request. It is obvious that this kind of attitude towards notification about public event is wrong as its aim is to help to realise the rights of the citizens including holding public events. Thus, this refusal contradicts the international norms and violates freedom of assembly and expression of an opinion. A court session should be held before the planned date of an event, and the organisers hope that the court will observe this rule and will consider the appeal as soon as possible. ADC Memorial also sent a request to the Government of St Petersburg asking to explain what order of notification on a marching on January 19th the officers find right.

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