Saint Petersburg, January 19: picket against repressions and xenophobia

Five years ago, in 2009, lawyer Stanislav Markelov and journalist Anastasia Baburova were murdered in Moscow by neo-Nazis. January 19 – they day of their murder – became the day of memory, antifascist actions, public assemblies against all forms of fascism, nationalism and discrimination.

About 150 people gathered in Saint Petersburg for a picket against xenophobia and repressions on the Field of Mars. This year the city Committee for legality and public order has once again refused to authorise any other public assembly but a picket and gave the only possible location for this, the Field of Mars.

A newly printed magazine “Antifascist Motive” was handed out during this picket, it was published  on the eve of January 19. Issue #12 (29) features a film review of “Ivan. In memory of our friend” (a documentary about Ivan Khutorskoy, a Moscow antifascist murdered by the neo-Nazis), an interview about the situation in Greece and the ban on the Golden Dawn party there, a digest of xenophobic outbursts against migrants in Russia, Dmitry Chizhevsky’s article on the persecution of LGBT activists in Russia, an interview with Belorussian political activist and former political prisoner Alexander Frantskevich about his prison experiences and solidarity, as well as other reviews, letters, etc.


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