Seminar in Murmansk

On 26-27 September 2012 in Murmansk a seminar ‘New platform for NGO in sphere of migration’ will take place. The seminar is organized by ADC ‘Memorial’, ‘Memorial’ in Murmansk, Kola Association of Women-Lawyers, Public Oversight Commission in Murmansk region, involving representatives of national diasporas of Murmansk region. Representatives of the Federal Migration Service in Murmansk region are invited to the seminar as well.

Applications for participation in the seminar can be sent to: kawlirin@rambler.ru

Program of the seminar:

September 26

Activities of ADC ‘Memorial’. Defence of labour rights of foreign citizens, mediation of labour conflicts, human rights monitoring of labour migrants (A. Yakimov)

Problem of migration and social discussion around it. (A. Yakimov)

Work of detention centre for people detained for administrative violations.

Foreigners in places of detention.

Work with migrants in Poland.

Detention, exclusion, deportation of migrants, situation with children-migrants. Detention centres for foreign citizens. (A. Yakimov)

September 27


Legal problems, social-economical rights of migrants. (A. Udyarova)

Hate crimes. (A. Yakimov, A. Udyarova)

Legal aspects of resistance to discrimination of ethnic minorities and migrants. Possibilities of international defence of human rights of migrants, refugees and people without citizenship. (A. Udyarova)

Presentation of board game about risks of labour migration ‘Russia – the land of opportunities?’ (Andrey Aykimov, Inessa Sakhno)



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