Seminar on Legal Support for Migrants was held at ADC Memorial

On August 28th a seminar was held, organized by ADC Memorial in the frame of the project on “Legal support for migrants and representatives of national minorities in North-West Russia” (supported by Sida). Migrants working in St. Petersburg took part in it.

The seminar programme included the participation of staff from ADC Memorial on the subject of legislative rules of residence and of work in the Russian Federation, taking into account recent changes in legislation on immigration (which entered into force on 1 July 2010). Particular attention was given to the activity of “intermediary firms”, for fraud, about which ADC Memorial constantly receives complaints from foreign nationals, as well as rules on the processing of employment contracts and how to protect labor rights against abuse from unscrupulous employers.

During the seminar ADC Memorial’s experience in responding to numerous human rights based requests from foreign nationals was used, presenting the positive results of the organization on the defense of migrant’s rights (court decisions in favor of the plaintiff, the appeals to prosecutor’s office accepted for consideration). Participants had the opportunity to ask questions on the topics covered in the seminar and discuss problems aroused in practice.

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