Solidarity performance with the repressed anti-fascists

9th of November is the day against fascism, racism and anti-semitism – ADC Memorial dedicates this publication to the actual problem of solidarity with the anti-fascists facing repressions, arrests, torture. The video of the performance of solidarity tells in different languages about the persecution of young anti-fascists in Penza and St. Petersburg (Russia).

Cruelty, violence, psychological pressure used by the security agencies against anti-fascists leave young people without hope and belief in any chance to protect themselves legally; desperation leads some of them to the fatal steps, as it happened recently in Arkhangelsk, where a teenager exploded himself protesting against torture-methods of security services.  Such steps bring new repressions – and a new wave of desperation. Only solidarity, insisting on the right of all people to enjoy their rights, including the right to express their position can break the vicious circle of violence and desperation.