The campaign in solidarity with the Roma of Donbass




The life of Roma women even in peace-time is full of troubles, like washing, cooking, cleaning, earning the family’s daily bread. The war brought women of Slovyansk into a lot of problems connected to their survival – they lost their homes, they had nothing to eat, no fuel for heating. But the most terrible appeared to be violence : anti-Gypsies pogroms by separatists, bombardments of the town that lead to devastation and death. A year after Slovyansk remains on frontline, the housing hasn’t
been restored, supply is low, there is no opportunity to earn a living. Roma women who try to cope with life are again having a hard time. How to have a job or get social benefits without papers? Where to find the wood for the oven? How to provide children with school materials?

Roma families survive thanks to the work and care of Mothers and Grandmothers. On the International Women’s Day the 8th of March it’s time to remember about it.