The UN CERD again requests information from the government of Kazakhstan about the anti-Dungan pogroms happenned in February, 2020

Under its early warning and urgent action procedure, the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination again requested information from the government of Kazakhstan on the current situation of the Dungans living in the south of the country and the measures taken by the authorities to overcome the consequences of the conflict.

In particular, on April 30, 2021, Yanduan Li, the CERD Chair, addressed the Permanent Representative of Kazakhstan in the UN with a letter of request on the results of the investigation of the events of February 7-8, 2020; on the sentences (convictions, acquittals) issued to the representatives of the Dungan minority and the aggressors; on what the government has done to ensure transparency of the investigation and the trial, as well to ensure the access of all interested parties to participation in court hearings; on the investigation of reported torture and arbitrary actions of police officers; on the verification of reports on the pressure of the authorities on local Dungans in order to prevent their claims; on the restoration of property in Dungan villages and compensation for damage; on measures aimed at strengthening tolerance among the involved communities and their trust to state institutions.

The Committee expects a response from the authorities of Kazakhstan by July 14, 2021.