ABC/primer of Romano language

This primer is called “Romano Alphabet”. For many people, it will be a discovery that one can write in the Romani language, and this delusion has its own explanations: for the most part, the Romani languages exists only in oral form, and nowadays Romani books are extremely rare.

This ABC/primer is a collection of practical tasks for the development of writing in the Сăldărari dialect of the Romani language for pre-school children and children of primary school age, which they can use with the help of teachers and parents. The use of recommended materials in classroom and at home provides an element of native language in the process of acquiring literacy, it helps to develop the skills of drawing, reading and writing. This manual is a continuation of a series of educational materials published by the Anti-Discrimination Centre “Memorial” earlier, in particular, the coloring alphabet-poster “Rromano Alphabet”. Pictures illustrating the letters of the alphabet on the poster are presented in the form of contour drawings.

The proposed materials for the study of Сăldărari Romani language can be printed out and used for writing or projected onto an interactive board and worked with orally.
These contain:

  1. contour drawings, which can be colored, circled or shaded;
  2. words, sentences and dialogues in Russian and Сăldărari Romani languages for reading and/or copying;
  3. texts in Russian and Сăldărari Romani for reading, re-telling and other work on speech development.