“Antifascist Motive” #13 (30)

Latest issue of “Antifascist Motive”, Russia’s longest surviving antifascist magazine, which is now published annually, is out. It is traditionally published on the eve of January 19th, the date of murder of Stanislav Markelov and Anastasia Baburova by Nazis in Moscow in 2009.
In this issue:
– Violence and our times (On present-day relevance of Hanna Arendt’s book “On Violence”)
– Antifa Zombies (patriotism in anarcho-punk community in Russia)
“Antifascist side”? Wow, familiar faces!.. (Nationalist at service of official Russian “antifascism”)
– Review: Maria Rozalskaya on Ilya Falkovsky’s documentary collage “Unnoted Murders”
– On national unity, sleight of hand and stirring hatred (How forceful unity leads to opposite results: hunting down those who look, think, live differently, search for the “Fifth Column”, support for obscurantists and criminals)
Anton Shekhovtsov on “Marriage of convenience: Kremlin and the European Untra-right”
– Maria Rozalskaya on the necessity of antifascist solidarity with Crimean Tatars
– Interview with activists of “Unity”, Israeli anarcho-communist organization, and German Association of victims of Nazi regime – Antifascist Federation (VVN-BdA)
– Establishing real limits of police authority and defending most vulnerable groups is the area of responsibility for society (On official Russian response to Ferguson events and the problem of police violence in Russia)
Protests against racist and colonial tradition of “Black Petes” in Netherlands