Antifascist Motive №10 (№27)

The 10th (27th) number of the “Anti-fascist motive” journal was published.

The journal covers the following topics: nationalism and elections, protection from repressions, main actions of the year, book and film reviews, minorities’ rights.

The edition is available on-line (in Russian).

The number contains the following articles:

Leading article

On popularity of radical nationalism in the year of elections

Freedom for political prisoners: a problem of solidarity

Anti-fascist activities in 2011

Ethnic conflicts: instruction for understanding

Conflict in Sagra: a view of psychologist

Case against Tikhonov and Khasis: a view of historian

Review of Lev Puchkov’s “Nation”

Interview with the anti-fascist group SCALP

Kyrgyzstan. Osh. Genocide

Cry of love

Freedom on its own

Review of Dennis Gansel’s NaPolA

Antibodies as hope for anti-fascist immunity in Russian society

Evolution of Russian legislative homophobia