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International and legal defense of NGOs charged with violating the law on NGOs and “performing the functions of a foreign agent”

Representatives of ADC “Memorial” participated in a discussion concerning possible strategies to appeal the implementation of the law on “foreign agents” in Russian courts, which was organized on September 24, 2013 in Moscow by the Human rights centre “Memorial” and…read more

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The court declines all appeals of ADC “Memorial”- court hearings ADC “Memorial” vs. procurators continue

Until now ADC “Memorial” remains the only non-governmental organization in Russia which is being persecuted for its alternative report to the United Nations Organization in two different ways simultaneously. Procurators continue their attempts to get an administrative court ruling against…read more

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Russian Federation: Concerns over the escalating judicial and administrative harassment of the Anti-Discrimination Centre (ADC) Memorial

RUSSIAN FEDERATION: OPEN LETTER TO THE AUTHORITIES To: Mr. Vladimir Lukin Human Rights Commissioner of Russia Mr Alexander Shishlov Human Rights Commissioner of Saint Petersburg Mr Mikhail Fedotov Chairman of the Presidential Council for Civil Society and Human Rights Paris-Geneva,…read more

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Procurators defend «undefined persons» and INSIST the court should oblige ADC «Memorial» to register as an ngos acting as foreign agent

On August 5, 2013 preliminary hearings were held in Leninsky district court of Saint Petersburg on the administrative case of the procurator of Admiralty district against Charitable private organization Antidiscrimination center «Memorial» (ADC «Memorial»). This is a completely new legal…read more