Ust-Abakan tragedy

Problems of Roma people are rarely reported on TV or in the press, and if they are being discussed, then, as a rule, the media often use negative stereotypes and myths that have little to do with real life. An…read more


State mistrust

Starting 2018 various state prohibitions either came into effect or, on the contrary, were abolished in different countries. For example, according to a report by Alternative News of Turkmenistan website, this country have forbidden women to drive cars: “Traffic police…read more


Anti-Discrimination Centre Memorial participated in submissions to the Human Rights Council Universal Periodic Review on Russia (30th session, Third Cycle, May 2018)

On the problem of racism and discrimination in Russia ADC Memorial and the Russian LGBT Network made joint submission: the report focuses on discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and gender identity, religious affiliation and health condition. Another report…read more