Ethics of a disaster

Discussing seriously the writings of Ulyana Skoybeda [reporter of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” newspaper, infamous for her racist remarks] is probably bad tone in itself. Racism and anti-Semitism, homophobia and hatred towards Ukrainians, migrants, liberals … This is hardly interesting at all…read more


Auschwitz for all. On “insults to memory”

In the past, when I had to write about various art protests, artivists and their actions, their right to speak out and criticize, I usually started by saying that I was not trying to estimate the artistic value of a…read more


State mistrust

Starting 2018 various state prohibitions either came into effect or, on the contrary, were abolished in different countries. For example, according to a report by Alternative News of Turkmenistan website, this country have forbidden women to drive cars: “Traffic police…read more


In the kitchen and in the tipi

The Tatar word “babai” (“grandfather”) is now likely to be learned by everyone who has followed the annual press conference of the Russian president Vladimir Putin. Answering the question on the “language issue” posed by a journalist from Tatarstan, he…read more


Hundred years of persecution

Homage to the Crimean People’s Republic Liberation of Ahtem Chiyhoz and Ilmi Umerov, the two most famous Crimean Tatar activists, who had been subjected to political repressions in Russia, has brought some great relief. But this also should remind us…read more


Whereever is your money from, they will find you guilty

Following the arrest of the famous Russian theatre director Kirill Serebrennikov, there started a game of guessing about what had caused his persecution. It was often suggested that the director himself brought trouble onto himself by receiving government funds for…read more