Whereever is your money from, they will find you guilty

Following the arrest of the famous Russian theatre director Kirill Serebrennikov, there started a game of guessing about what had caused his persecution. It was often suggested that the director himself brought trouble onto himself by receiving government funds for…read more


Racism and happiness

In Russia 86% of Roma people feel happy, and now the experts of the United Nations know about it, too. The results of this “scientific research”, which had surprised many specialists in the field back in April 2016 when it…read more


Non-resistance to racism

Non-resistance to xenophobia and intolerance on the part of the Russian authorities has long become commonplace, but acceptance of racism by oppositionists, who pay lip service to tolerance and humanism as the basis of their activities, is puzzling. The Yabloko…read more


Freedom, resistance, solidarity and LGBT

Excited by the recent searches of the Gogol Center and, especially, the apartment of the famous theatre director Kirill Serebrennikov, as well as by the police attention to the company of another director, Alexey Uchitel, the Russian blogosphere fluctuated from…read more