Bulletin №47, October 2014

Against discrimination

ADC “Memorial” demands respect for rights of ethnic minorities and foreign nationals

No songs needed by Stefania Kulayeva

Crimes against childhood by Stefania Kulayeva

Notification about double citizenship – new infringement on human rights by Sergey Mikheyev

Freedom for Azimzhan Askarov!

HR reports


Bulletin №46, June 2014

Editorial Notes
Who would grasp it with the mind? by Stefania Kulayeva
Roma rights
Roma people and police by Sergey Mikheyev
Sentence based on false testimonies by Piotr Krasnov
International news
ADC “Memorial” participated in OSCE Supplementary Human Dimension Meeting on Prevention of Torture
FARE discussed discrimination in sports
ADC ...


Bulletin №45, March 2014

Editorial Notes

“Russian unity” vs. fascism and anti-Semitism of the “shadow world rulers”?

Problems of discrimination

Racism on the background of the Winter Olympics by Olga AbramenkoManipulating statistical data and the myth of “immigrant crime” by Sergey MikheyevTo abolish discrimination by banning everything?Migrant ...


RUSSIA 2012-2013 : Attack on Freedom

Paris, Saint-Petersburg — Over the last two years the Russian authorities have waged the largest offensive against freedom since the end of the Soviet Union, according to a report published today by FIDH and its member organisation ADC Memorial.
The report “Russia 2012-2013: Attack on Freedom” gives an alarming account of the judicial arsenal ...


Antifascist Motive №12 (№29)

Issue #12 (29) features a film review of “Ivan. In memory of our friend” (a documentary about Ivan Khutorskoy, a Moscow antifascist murdered by the neo-Nazis), an interview about the situation in Greece and the ban on the Golden Dawn party there, a digest of xenophobic outbursts against migrants in Russia, Dmitry Chizhevsky’s article on the ...