Constitutional Coup in Russia : Putin’s Move to Devalue International Human Rights Treaties Could Set Dangerous Global Precedent

On 20 January 2020, the President of Russia proposed radical changes to the Russian Constitution, but the chilling implications for human rights could echo far beyond Russia’s borders. The draft legislation introduces significant amendments to 14 articles of Russia’s supreme…read more

The Simplest Way to “Formalize”

The question of what protection a child needs is often the subject of heated debate. Society is divided into those who firmly support parents who know “what is best for the child” and those who almost always support government interference…read more

Ukrainian experts comment on questions of the UN Human Rights Committee addressed to the government of Ukraine

Topics related to the situation of vulnerable groups were included on the list of questions addressed to the Ukrainian government during the 127th session of the UN Human Rights Committee. In assessing the level of representation of women in political…read more

Rights of Migrants and Stateless People – the Issue Topic of the ADC Memorial’s Bulletin

To the International Migrants Day ADC Memorial has prepared special issue of human rights bulletin dedicated to the rights of migrants and stateless people and #CrossborderChildhood campaign. Content: Discrimination due to Family Circumstances Court overrules Russian consumer watchdog’s decision on…read more

The Price of One Letter: how mistakes spelling foreigners’ names lead to extended periods of imprisonment in an FNTDC

When mistakes with the personal information of foreign nationals are made in court documents expulsion may become impossible and detention can become indefinite.