First results of the ALL JOBS FOR ALL WOMEN campaign in Russia: Russian Ministry of Labor partially abolished job prohibitions for women

Over the last several years Anti-Discrimination Centre “Memorial” has been campaigning to abolish the lists of professions prohibited for women in all countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia #AllJobs4AllWomen. As a result of this campaign at the end of…read more

A new Human Right report prepared by ADC Memorial about children’s migration between CIS countries

Migrant Children in CIS Countries: Lack of Adequate Legal Norms Regulating Cooperation Between the Countries Involved. The new report is dedicated to the situation of children-migrants within CIS countries. In the region, both international agreements and national migration laws mostly…read more

Torture of LGBT persons in Crimea: a testimony

Anti-Discrimination Centre “Memorial” publishes this video-testimony about the use of torture against LGBT persons in Crimea following annexation of the peninsula by Russia. A gay person, who was forced to leave Crimea, testifies about him being tortured by the police…read more

The UN Committee Against Torture issued recommendations following Russia’s state report

The UN Committee Against Torture (CAT) issued its recommendations following consideration of Russia’s state report made at the Committee’s 64th session. Recommendations of the Committee reflected on the problems raised in the alternative coalition report of civil society organizations, in…read more

UN CAT: The Anti-Discrimination Centre “Memorial” raised the issue of inhuman detention conditions of stateless and foreign citizens in SUVSIG

The Anti-Discrimination Centre “Memorial” was present at the 64th session of the UN Convention against torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment and raised the issue of inhuman detention conditions of stateless and foreign citizens in SUVSIG….read more