Migrant rights

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Access to realization of human rights is limited for citizens of Eastern European and Central Asian countries who have been forced into labor migration. Individual countries fail to implement their international obligations in their migration strategies, and there is a discrepancy between their pronouncements about freedom of movement and employment and the restrictive approach that they take in reality. Legal guarantees in the sphere of labor migration are also weak, and migrants face gross human rights violations in their daily life. ADC Memorial protects the rights of labor migrants in courts, prepares reports for submission to international bodies, and analyzes implementation of recommendations issued by these bodies.

Relevant publications

The Rights of Migrant Workers from Former Soviet Countries: Real-Life Challenges and Unfulfilled Obligations

This report analyzes the complicated and multifaceted phenomenon of labor migration in the former Soviet Union. It looks at the migration strategies of individual countries and their failure to implement their international obligations, the discrepancy between pronouncements about freedom of movement and employment made by intergovernmental unions ...

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Invisible and exploited in Kazakhstan: the plight of Kyrgyz migrant workers and members of their families

Hundreds of thousands of men, women and children from Kyrgyzstan and neighbouring Central Asian states are forced to migrate to Kazakhstan in search of work. These individuals often fall victim to forced labour, unsafe and unsanitary working conditions, violations of the rights to maternity and childhood, as well as arbitrary arrests and ...

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Women and children from Kyrgyzstan affected by migration

In Kazakhstan and in Russia, the rights of migrant workers from Central Asia are regularly violated, declared FIDH and its partners in Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan, in Bishkek during the presentation of two reports: “Women and children from Kyrgyzstan affected by migration” and “Migrant workers in Kazakhstan: no status, no rights“. The two reports ...

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From Tajikistan to Russia: Vulnerability and abuse of migrant workers and their families

The situation of Tajik migrants in Russia is deteriorating, said FIDH and ADC Memorial in the new released report. Increasingly restrictive migration laws are pushing migrants into irregular situations and increasing their vulnerability, while exploitation goes unchecked.

The dire economic situation in Tajikistan, where around 40% of the ...

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Report “Tajikistan: Exporting the workforce – at what price?” 2011

Based on research conducted by FIDH and Anti-Discrimination Center «Memorial» (ADC Memorial) in Tajikistan in May 2011, the report Tajikistan: Exporting the workforce – at what price?,  examines the steps taken by the Tajik authorities towards protecting the human rights of its citizens who migrate – mainly to Russia – to find work.

In the face ...

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Alternative Report to the UN Committee on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families

The alternative report submitted by ADC Memorial and “Human Rights Movement: Bir Duino –Kyrgyzstan” contains an analysis of the violations of the rights of labor migrants by employers and recruitment agencies, as well as the violation of the rights of the labor migrants’ children to life in a family and to an education. In addition, the report ...

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