To abolish discrimination by banning everything?

People in a neighboring country, Ukraine, stood in pickets even if it was freezing cold, lived on city squares and struggled against intolerable laws, trying to abolish them (and they did succeed in some cases!). But Russia has “its own unique way”. After a bunch of such intolerable laws were adopted in 2012-2013, now even the lawmakers themselves know what to do about them.  Russia is probably ready, if not to change these laws, but replace them with others, even more repressive in character. This is sad, but hardly surprising. What does surprise us is the joyous reaction of some of the “progressive” forces. We are talking of an initiative of the State Duma concerning introduction of changes into the law on information harmful for children: if the proposed changes are adopted, children will be prevented from getting information not only about sexual relations involving people of the same sex, but all information concerning sexual relations whatsoever.

Some people struggling against discrimination are rejoiced at this prospect, because an equal ban could be introduced and thus information about homosexual relations will no longer be treated as a greater offense. It is obvious that an earlier ban on “propaganda of homosexuality” was a clear case of discrimination, which the lawmakers didn’t even bother to mask. It is high time to realize that defense of the interests of children cannot be used as an excuse, because this only increases discriminatory approach – people are being humiliated based on both their sexual orientation and age.

But will it be easier for people of all sexual orientations and identities who are under 18 years old if everything is banned? Will this be the case if not only film festivals showing movies about same sex relations are rated “18+”, but any film festivals demonstrating movies about relations that are not merely platonic? Will it be easier for teenagers if they will not be able to discuss not only their feelings to a person of the same sex with their teachers in case these feelings are not accepted by their family members or classmates, and on top of that if teachers will be prevented from talking to children about sexual relations as such? Will it be better if teenagers are prevented to visit websites that talk of love, attraction, intimacy?.. The whole country will turn into a monastery – with no discrimination, but also no relations and no access to information. Only lies will remain everywhere, but the only consequence could be debauchery, because everything which is free is happiness, and the only things you can find in a monastery are debauchery, shame and abomination. 

One shouldn’t be rejoiced at the news that information on happiness is banned! We should struggle against discriminatory and repressive laws, call for them to be abandoned, not be made stricter. And we have an example before us that says we can succeed!

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