ADC Memorial’s bulletin dated to the International Migrants Day

In 2023, against the background of war, anti-migrant populism has firmly reemerged in Russian politics. Politicians and official figures are actively expressing anti-migrants’ views, and negative news about migrants has become a noticeable part of the media agenda. At the grassroots level, quasi-civil ultra-right organisations specialising in anti-migrant themes have gained influence. Against this backdrop, discussions and restrictions on migrant rights are being introduced. Regular and demonstratively harsh police raids are taking place, followed by forcible recruitment of foreign citizens and those who have recently acquired Russian citizenship for the war. At the same time, racist violence is escalating on the streets.

We continue to highlight the impact of Russia’s war against Ukraine on labour migrants in Russia in our thematic publication. The Issue also contains summaries of reports on the situation of children from Ukraine during the 2022-2023 war, the results of monitoring the situation as part of the #crossborderchildhoodua campaign.


The Second Year of War: Persecution of Migrants in Russia in 2023
From populist statements to restrictions of rights, discrimination, police raids, recruitment for war

At least win someone over. Migrantophobia – a new wave  Stefania KULAEVA

Stateless persons in Russia: the vicious circle of problems cannot be broken
Stateless persons continue to be detained at Centers for the Temporary Detention of Foreign Nationals

Release of Ukrainians from Centres for the Temporary Detention of Foreign Nationals (CTDFN) requires significant efforts from lawyers

Protection of the rights of Ukrainian children must be prioritized

ADC Memorial-Brussels: 10 years of work (2013-2023)