ADC Memorial on children’s rights in Belarus: pre-session of the UN CRC

For the upcoming 83rd session of the UN CRC and the review of the situation of children’s rights in Belarus (January 2020), ADC Memorial prepared an alternative report on the problem of immigration detention of children. In Belarus, the outdated Chisinau Agreement on Cooperation of the CIS States on the Return of Children to Their State of Residence (2002) is in force so far; according to the Agreement, repatriation of children is conducted through the Juvenile Reception Center run by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Thus, minor foreigners and children – citizens of Belarus while repatriated are placed behind the bars just because of their immigration status, without access to education. This situation contradicts the modern standards of the Rights of the Child.

At the pre-session, ADC Memorial made a statement on the situation of migrant children in Belarus and informed the Committee about the situation of Roma children, including victims of the recent brutal anti-Roma police raids in Belarus.

ADC Memorial supported an alternative report of the International Center of Civil Initiatives “Our House” on the implementation of the Convention on the Rights of the Child in Belarus.

After the pre-session, the Committee will sent the List of Issues to the government of Belarus.