ADC Memorial publishes Pamir activists’ appeal to the international community

Recently, ADC Memorial has repeatedly expressed concern about the situation in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region of Tajikistan. In November 2021, arbitrary actions of law enforcement agencies caused mass protests of the local population; the Tajik authorities responded with disconnecting the Internet and mobile communications, increasing military presence in the region, blocking roads and strengthening check-points, propaganda publications in the media. Currently, the tensions in the GBAO continue to escalate, the Internet connection has not yet been restored, residents are afraid of new military operations.

At the request of Pamir activists who are concerned with the escalation of the tensions in the region, we publish their appeal to international bodies. The authors of the appeal consider it necessary: demilitarization of the region; full restoration of Internet connection; immediate access of representatives of local and international media to the region; guarantees from the Government of Tajikistan that no military action is planned and will not be taken in the GBAO; an open and fair investigation of the events of November 2021 that led to deaths and injuries of people and caused protests of the population; access of independent observers, human rights defenders, representatives of international organizations such as the UN and OSCE to the region for the monitoring of the situation and prevention of violence.