Anniversary of the Cultural Center in the Romani Settlement of Leskolovo

On 1 October 2005 the Cultural Center in Romani settlement of Leskolovo celebrated its 20 year anniversary. On stage many congratulations to self-denying workers of the “culture-front” were heard – first of all to the director of the house of culture Olga Georgievna Popova. Olga Georgievna Popova is a person of extraordinary energy. Nearly all noticed that since she took the director-office, the culture house began a new, stormy and interesting life. Here are not only study-groups and workshops! But also the children’s choir “Little Bell” (“Kolokolchik”), the theater-studio “Doll House” (“Kukolnij dom”), the choreographic group “Spangles” (“Blestki”), the vocal studio “Klondike” (“Klondaik”) and the club “Have Fun with Us” (“Veselites s nami”)…

And we got friend with Olga Georgievna, because her heart bleeds for the young Romas from the settlement Peri, which is not far away from Leskolovo. In the Cultural center already since a few years exists the ensemble “Red Rose” (“Krasnaja rosa”), where young Romas with pleasure rehearse fiery dances. Olga Georgievna is proud of the fact that in these years in sum more than fifty youngsters could show their talent there and even could begin dancing in a more professional style. The ensemble, which not long ago affirmed his exemplary status and is not only known in the native district, but also in the region – where the dark skinned dancers in bright costumes not only one time pleased the visitors of municipal celebrations. And in Leskolov itself not one event takes place without Romas. And the point is not even that brightness and temperament of the young Roman artists gives Leskolovo or the Bsevoloshskij district a special coloring. For the Roman children the participation in the ensemble is a window to the world, the possibility to realize ones talents and the tour-excursions are joyful occasions in a sometimes hard life. And the main point – with Olga Georgievna the children really fell comfortable.

And during celebrations the youngsters as well as old people, draftees and Romas fell that they are welcomed guests of kindly hosts.

With the help of of our longtime partner and sponsor CCFD and due to the work of O.G. Popovaja we managed to open a shower station for Roman children at the Cultural center. With that we hope to improve the sanitary situation in the Roman settlement, which has serious problems with water. Furthermore the center is equipped with a rest room, where the children can play or see animated films. We hope that our cooperation with the Cultural center in Leskolovo will continue in this productive way. We wish Olga Georgievna and all her colleagues success and prosperity!

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