#CrossborderChildhoodUA: ADC Memorial launches campaign to protect refugee children from Ukraine

The war started by Russia has destroyed the peaceful life of Ukraine. Millions of residents had to leave their homes, fleeing occupation, shelling, and humanitarian disaster. The launch of the #CrossborderChildhoodUA campaign is timed to the June dates: June 1 – Children’s Day, June 4 – International Day of Children Victims of Aggression, June 20 – World Refugee Day.

European countries received millions of refugees – primarily women and children – from Ukraine in the spring of 2022. Europe had not seen such a large-scale wave of female and child migrants within its borders since World War II. Children are a special group that require special protection in the conditions of mass migration. ADC Memorial has already demanded observation of the rights of migrant children as part of its #CrossborderChildhood campaign. Now this issue is more relevant than ever, so we need a new stage for this campaign: #CrossborderChildhoodUA. We strongly condemn the Russia’s military aggression and call for protection of the rights of children affected by the war, without exceptions and discrimination.

All the children who have left Ukraine or moved to western parts of the country must be protected from violence, exploitation and family separation. They need a safe environment, and they must be able to live freely, develop in new conditions, and receive an education, medical care and psychological support.

Every country that accepts child refugees from Ukraine must develop and implement a program of comprehensive measures to protect minors from the risks of sexual exploitation, child trafficking, forced labor, and panhandling.

Our task is to achieve implementation of UN Committee on the Rights of the Child standards concerning the treatment of children in migration. 

CrossborderChildhoodUA — Protect the rights of refugee children from Ukraine

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