Cooperation in preventing hate-crimes

On June 18, the Anti-Discrimination Center “Memorial” has organised a seminar “Cooperation in preventing hate-crimes”.

Our modern society has been influenced by a number of stereotypes. Discriminatory practices can be found everywhere. Legal inequality leads to the isolation of minorities and deformation of the social relations within the dominating majority.

The way to overcome discrimination is the way of cooperation between those who suffer from injustice and social activists who fight against racism. As an example of cooperation Robert Gu?diguian’s  movie “L’armee du crime” (2009) was shown. The movie tells a story how united migrants, local Jews and anti-fascists – the Manouchian Group ? fight against fascism in France.

After the movie the participants of the event discussed the idea to hold several seminars on cooperation between human rights activists, anti-fascists and ethnic minorities.

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